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More than 100000 visitors on the website since the beginning, thanks all !!!


08/03/2006 : More than 100000 visitors on the website since the beginning, thanks all !
10/16/2005 : 6 new videos, new DIVX versions of psykokwak's attacks.
09/12/2004 : 6 new videos.
06/08/2004 : A search engine, still in test for the moment.
: 9 new Psyduck videos, 1 Team Rocket video, 1 wallpaper, 5 fanarts, and 2 3D pictures.
12/01/2001 : The last month of the calendar (just in time), and a full episode !
09/06/2001 : I put a guestbook if you want to leave me a message !
09/06/2001 : Play Mugen with Psyduck, 3 new videos, and 4 new links.
07/23/2001 : Three new videos, and some new months for the calendar.
07/04/2001 : A new wallpaper, and Golduck winamp skin.
05/18/2001 : French Psyduck card, 8 new wallpapers, 5 pictures from the Pokémon art book, and one new toy.
04/06/2001 : 10 fanarts, 4 goodies, and one new toy.
05/03/2001 : 2 new links : Pokemonline and Koduck's Pili WebSite !
02/14/2001 : 48 pictures taken from the second Pokémon movie, two new songs "team rocket vs team rocket !" and also a new parody of their motto, and the first version of the Pokédex.
01/30/2001 : Name of Psyduck japanese voice actor in the introduction (not translated yet), 6 new pictures from the first movie, 4 new toys, 1 new goods (a toothbrush !) and the sounds of the two talking Psyduck toys.
01/13/2001 : 4 new Psyduck sounds, and 3 Golduck sounds (in french) !



For the end of the year in Europe, we will finally be able to play Pokemon Emerald, and Pokemon XD, and a lot of game are still in preparation for Nintendo DS like Pokemon Puzzle, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue, Pokemon Ranger and of course the next Pokemon : Diamond and Pearl. Gret news for Psyduck fans !
A little update this time, and a big next time...

100000 visitors on Psykonline soon, this is so great, thank you all !

Moriarty, october the 16th 2005.


Coming soon :

- A new heading : Games
- Pictures of Psyduck from all the Pokemon games and Une sous rubrique d'images avec des illustrations de Psykokwak dans les diverses version de Pokémons
- 3D Psyduck
- More mp3 : different versions of the main theme, japanese songs, ...
- Toys I'll find in store here in France, and pictures of japanese toys.
- Videos : about 150 Mb of videos.
- Utils : Screensaver...
- Japanese and Spanish translations of the site (that will take a lot of time !!!).

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