Some links about Psyduck and Pokémon...


Koduck Mania

Torasuke's page, a japanese Psyduck fan.
There's a lot of goodies pictures, and also pictures of Psyduck's vacation ^_^ !

Lovely Koduck

A page with a lot of psyduck toys !

Koduck's Pili WebSite
UA web site about Psyduck in Chinese and in English !
There's pictures of Pokémon Toys and a lot of stuff.

Rocket start !
Rocket start !
Tomo web site in japanese, but some pages are translated in english.
The site is about the Team Rocket, visit "gallery" and "my gallery" there's a lot of great pictures and Tomo great art !
I wish I could draw like that ^_^;

Psyduck Toy Gallery
Some pictures of psyduck toys.

Kondo no web page
Kondo web page
The site where I found a lot of Toys pictures.
The links let you directly on Psyduck page, you'd better understand japanese for the rest of the site !

Psyduck's World

A very good american site about Psyduck, made by Psyduck adventure's creator.
There's some cool stuff, but unfortunately the site will not be updated anymore.

Psyduck central

An american site that allow you to send Psyduck cards.
I found a lot of pictures from the TV series on this site.

A new french website about Pokémon, with summary for all eps, mp3, and a lot of other stuff !

Draw Psyduck
A german page to learn how to draw a Psyduck.

Evelyn's Beadie Page
Make Psyduck and other Pokémon with beadies !

Ask Psyduck
Ask psyduck a yes or no question !

Psyduck Crayon box
How to make it.
La page de psykokwak

An other french site about Psyduck !

A new french web site about Pokémon.
You can find a lot of things like pictures of the 251 Pokémon.

Pokémon Picture Archive
This site offer about 2.500 pictures of Pokémon !

Chez Monie

Monie web site, there's a big anime and manga galery, and some mp3.
Official Pokémon site in French
Official Pokémon site in English
Official GAMEBOY site

Nintendo France
Nintendo France

Nintendo USA
Nintendo USA

Nintendo Japon
Nintendo Japan


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