The necessary to make your computer look like a Psyduck (without the headache O_o !) and games.


Mugen with Psyduck

If you don't know already Mugen, maybe this will interrest you.
Mugen is a 2D fighting game like Street Fighter, that works with MS DOS (It works with Windows 9x but not with Windows 2000 or Me), with the possibility to create your own characteres, and Willoughby had this fantastic idea to create Psyduck and Jigglypuff !

Some screenshots :

What you need to play Mugen with Psyduck :

- The game Mugen by Elecbyte.
- Psyduck (and Jigglypuff) made by Willoughby.

Take a look on the readme.txt to install the charactères, you'll see it's very easy.

There's some other characteres from Pokémon for Mugen, I will try to do a complete version with all these, as soon as possible ^_^.

I would like to thanks Volsung who tell me about this game, you'll find on his web site some other screenshots and links about Mugen.


Psyduck's Adventure

Psyduck's Adventure game fo Windows, with all dll you need to play.
Install it on the drive where Windows is installed.

Download (1,063 Mb)



Psyduck's Windows desktop theme, with sounds, icons and cursors.
Install it on the drive where Windows is installed.

Download (424 Kb)


Windows start and end logo.

This zip file contains the windows start and end logo (logo.sys, logow.sys and logos.sys), you just have to replace those that are already in your computer. Put logos.sys and logow.sys on your windows folder, logo.sys can be in c:\ or c:\windows according to your windows version.

Download in French (12 kb)
Download in English (12 kb)


Winamp skin

Psyduck skin by Klem and Golduck skin by Moriarty.

psy winamp skin
Télécharger (75 Ko)
akwakwamp skin
Télécharger (211 Ko)


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